My paintings are my poems written in colours.

My innermost feelings, my dreams, hopes and experiences gathered from the world around me, all get communicated when I have a brush in my hand. Being a self- taught artist, I take all the liberty to explore and experiment the world of colours. I paint, not with hands, but with a passionate heart.

I have been fascinated by music since childhood and it has been a great motivating force when I paint. I learnt music as a child, but could not pursue it for too long. I fill that gap when I pick up music as a theme for my paintings.

Woman is another subject that stirs me inside out. Different angles of her relationships with different people around her can be depicted in different ways and mediums, but the core of it remains the same. Every woman has tremendous potential to achieve what she wants in life. All she has to do is to believe in her and break the boundaries. This is all I want to say through my work.

I paint in mix media. Experimenting fascinates me. I use different materials to create relief work. Saw dust, texture white, paper, knife, comb, fingers, card board piece, all become an integral part of my texture creating techniques. The third dimension of my paintings fills me with pleasure when I touch and feel it and I call it ' Sculptural Paintings'.

My sculptures have drawn attention of artists and onlookers for the use of medium. I make sculptures out of dry handmade paper sheets by tightly twisting and folding and creating forms out of it. The sculptures are light weight, non-fragile, easy to maintain and give a wooden or metal look.

I am fortunate to be painting in a period when art has broken the boundaries of tight rules. Experiments are being welcomed by the art world, giving extensive mileage and freedom of expression to a self-taught artist like me. I dream in colours and when I write, I visualize my poems on canvas.

This world is so colourful. I am just trying to snatch some bright colours from the wind and paint the canvas .. Canvas of people's hearts!