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Books Designed By Geetika
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Books Designed by Geetika

Geetika has been working as a free-lance book illustrator more than last 18 years now for many renowned publication housed. Her work as a commercial artist is listed below.

Complete book designing
Complete book designing means "Everything that goes into the look of a book, starting from title cover to the illustrations and layout of the book.

Books for New literates
(Published By Rajasthan State Resource Center, Jaipur)

Nanhee ki Diary ke Panne

Abhi Aage Aur bhi Hai

Khaki Darr

Raunak Aayee
Akbar-Beerbal Series (a set of four books )
(Published in four languages by Diamond Books, New Delhi)

Beerbal ka Haas-Parihaas

Laajawaab Beerbal

Beerbal ki  Kahaniyan

Beerbal ki Soojh-Booj